Five Essential Items to Include on Your ‘Hybrid Working’ Checklist

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Hybrid working is a system of flexible working, in which employees split their time between their physical workplace and a remote location, usually home.

Many prominent companies have already committed to introducing a form of hybrid working, and the system is also popular with employees.  In a recent survey, 66% said they would prefer to spend two or three days in the office, rather than the traditional five, once Covid lockdown restrictions have eased.

If your organisation is considering introducing its own hybrid working system, be aware that there is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ solution.  Every company is unique, and there will be lots of individual factors to consider.

That’s why a good starting point is to prepare a simple checklist of items for your organisation to discuss and reflect upon. 

Here are five key items to include:

1. Review existing remote working arrangements

What currently works well, and what could be improved?  This information will help you design your hybrid working strategy and framework.

2. What do your employees think?

Use surveys and focus groups.  Consider asking for volunteers to take part in a trial of your new system.

3. Set clear and equal practices for remote and office teams

These should include equivalent benefits, and ways to keep communication consistent.

4. Communicate clear and official ‘return to work’ rules

Adapt your HR procedures to take account of remote working, review your employment contracts, and set clear expectations around time spent in the office.

5. Be active, be present, be supportive

Ongoing communication and support will be a vital part of the process.  Facilitate regular catchups and activities, and organise company-wide feedback channels.

To provide you with further assistance, we have produced a comprehensive guide to developing a hybrid working strategy.  It includes a full checklist of key considerations, plus in-depth information and advice from our expert team.

Download it here, or contact us directly for bespoke HR guidance.

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