Pricing options

We like to think we are flexible and therefore are happy to tailor our services to each client. We also find it valuable to help potential clients understand the kind of fees we apply.
You can find all the details below.

Please do get in touch if you’d like to discuss your requirements. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss our packages and give you an exact proposal on price.


What we offer

Consultancy Services

If you have any specific requirements and objectives on a project, we will discuss with you a development and execution plan. Then depending on the timeline, your location and the type of contract & working relationship you’re looking for, we will present a final priced range package for approval.

Our typical consultancy daily rate is £1120 + VAT.

Retained Services

This service gives you access to ‘People Expertise’. You benefit from our expertise without needing to employ a Senior HR professional. We give you advice on any employee relations, HR and people management topic. It is particularly valuable for:

  • Businesses who want someone with HR expertise to help support their business plans
  • Companies with no HR or where HR only focuses on administrative tasks

Our retainer package include

  • Discounted fees based on your company’s requirements and needs
  • Contract to last for a rolling period of 12 months with a minimum of 15 hours completed by us per month