About Viridian HR

We help businesses in the UK and France achieve their goals through our HR support. We aim to bring peace of mind to business leaders facing HR challenges.

Our expertise is particularly focused on international environments that are constantly evolving; we appreciate the challenges these present. We pride ourselves on giving our clients pragmatic HR advice that takes into account the needs of their business and the impact of decisions on their employees.

With HR expertise in both France and the UK, many of our clients initially contact us to deal with the cultural differences between the two countries and their impact on the day-to-day running of the business. In addition, we practise French law on a daily basis, which many clients across the Channel find difficult due to its complexity and frequent changes.

Our experience in France includes e-commerce, technology, automotive, engineering, production and design. We therefore work with several collective agreements. We are also advised by a French lawyer.

If your company is based in France and/or the UK, and you’re looking for expertise in Human Resources, look no further. We’d be delighted to help!

About our Team

Karine Lipinski, Chartered FCIPD – Principal Consultant

After almost 20 years of intense experience in Human Resources and People Management at all levels, Karine Lipinski founded Viridian HR to meet the HR needs of other Senior Executives. Her approach to HR is very much driven by commercial goals and as such operates in the mindset of a true HR Business Partner.

As part of her background, Karine has gained international experience and is culturally integrated in both the UK and France with a French Law degree and Master’s Degrees in Human Resources in both countries.

Before founding Viridian HR, she supported a number of well established organisations such as Photobox, EnGlobe, Renault and Telelogic (now part of IBM) and is comfortable working in post-merger and acquisition environments with all the challenges that they bring. As a person, Karine is highly organised, pragmatic, passionate, approachable and transparent which makes it easy to relate to her.

As well as running Viridian HR, Karine is involved in other volunteering causes. As such, she is also the Vice-Chair of the CIPD Chiltern Branch, and regularly mentors other HR professionals. Her interests are diverse and, as well as appreciating literature of the 19th Century, she enjoys a good MMORPG. To see more about her, please visit her LinkedIn profile.

Baptiste Marais – Senior HR Consultant

Baptiste has nearly 20 years of experience in management, customer relations, and operational human resources management.

After graduating from Sciences Po Lyon and obtaining a postgraduate degree in communication, he has worked in companies of various sizes, from start-ups to multinationals.

The different positions he has held have convinced him of the importance of the human factor in the economic results of organisations and the advantages of a simple and transparent relationship between employees.

Baptiste has been living in the UK for over 3 years and is passionate about the cultural aspects of expatriation.

Visit Baptiste’s LinkedIn profile to find out more.

Stéphanie Gomes– HR Consultant

Stéphanie brings five years of hands-on generalist experience in human resources, having worked for a variety of companies and industries including temporary employment agencies, startups, and medium-sized to large organisations. Starting in recruitment after her Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management at IGS-RH in Paris, she quickly transitioned to diverse HR roles, drawn to the perspective of varied challenges. She has always been passionate about human resources.

Having relocated to the UK in 2023, Stéphanie is now enjoying the chance to embrace a new lifestyle and immerse herself in a different culture.

Visit Stéphanie’s LinkedIn profile to find out more.

Emmanuelle Sutton – HR Assistant

Emmanuelle has over 15 years’ experience in marketing, customer service and training in the IT industry. She has worked as a European training manager for a major American IT company where her role consisted in organising and supervising the delivery of all technical training in 12 European countries.

As part of her background, Emmanuelle is university educated and has lived in England for over 28 years. She is culturally integrated in both the UK and France and is fluent in both languages.

Emmanuelle has a passion for teaching and she tutors adult learners who want to speak French . To learn more about her, please visit her LinkedIn profile.