HR Audit – Compliance and People practices audit in the Care sector

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We worked with a Group of Care Homes employing 1500 staff across the UK.


Our Client had no visibility on the work undertaken by their internal HR team of four and what needed to be achieved and why.

What we did

We started by reviewing all the compliance part of HR in terms of policies, procedures, handbook, employee files etc and suggested what needed to be updated. We also reviewed the People and Management practices within the Group and suggested how HR could further enable the business to perform in these areas by providing a comprehensive to-do list to the HR team.
Whilst doing this work, we also analysed the tools used by HR to inform their focus and suggested a number of improvements on things that needed to be in place for more efficiency. These were, for example, the use of People Metrics or a better use of the Payroll software between Finance and HR.
During this time we coached the HR team in understanding what they do and why from a business perspective so that they may communicate more effectively with them. We also worked with the Business Owner and their Senior Leadership Team to understand their challenges and give them clarity on what they could use their HR team for. We also clarified how the HR team needed to interact with the business and at which level to make HR an integral part of our Client’s business.


  • We left our client fully aware of what they may expect from their HR team
  • We clarified what needed to be achieved by the HR team and by the business for the function to work effectively
  • We helped positioning HR within the business so that it could contribute more proactively

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