Bite-sized training – In-house training program on business skills

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We worked with a leading Marketing Agency employing 35 employees in High Wycombe.


Our client’s goal was to improve general business skills within the teams and wanted to do so without taking employees away from their work for too long. They were also keen for the organisation to show commitment to the personal development of their employees.

What we did

After meeting with the Finance Director and agreeing priorities on the topics to cover, we created and delivered five three hour long workshops as well as corresponding learners’ workbooks.
The topics were: communicating effectively, leading change, resolving conflict, running effective meetings, prioritising for effectiveness.

Before the sessions, we asked participants to fill out training needs questionnaires to ensure that the sessions were as relevant as possible. During the session, participants were encouraged to complete individual action plans
to embed the learning and were invited to share this plan with their line manager at their next one-to-one for additional support.

We also measured before and after competencies on each of the topics and supplied a dashboard with anonymous feedback comments to our Client so that they may share the outcome of the training concisely with the Board of Directors. We also offered suggestions for improvement of the sessions and ideas for future sessions based on the feedback received.

To add value for our Client we constructively fed back relevant comments to improve the company’s operations,
communication of company values and people management practices. The participants’ anonymity was preserved and they were informed that this would be done at the start of each session.


  • Our client was satisfied and all competencies across all sessions improved
  • We added value by offering an HR perspective to the conversations during the sessions and some coaching of the managers where needed

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