How to ‘Reboard’ Returning Workers

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Lots of seemingly new words and terms have cropped up to describe work-related activities over the past year (as an example, how many people used “furlough” pre-2020?)

The current on-trend term is “reboarding”, which refers to welcoming existing employees back after a long period of time away. 

Since these employees already know your organisation, you won’t have to onboard them all over again. 

However, taking a look at your existing onboarding procedure, and adapting it to help employees re-acclimatise – as well as informing them of any changes – can work as a highly effective reboarding method.

Here are some tips to help you get started.

Key reboarding questions to consider:

  • Have any Covid-related changes or policies been introduced?
  • What has your organisation been working on ‘behind the scenes’ during lockdown – are there new projects, clients, or process updates to share?
  • Will refresher training be provided on internal software or online systems?
  • Do you need to communicate how and when different groups of employees are being welcomed back to the office?

A note about communication

You may have a lot to share with your employees, but try not to overwhelm them with too much information at once.

As you begin your reboarding process, keep communication short and simple.  Instead of bombarding people with emails, think about using a range of broadcast methods, including video recordings, or even starting an internal podcast.

Finally, don’t forget that many people will be experiencing mental health concerns after such a long period of time away from the workplace. 

Always communicate with care and consideration, and if you have introduced any wellbeing-related benefits or strategies (such as an employee assistance programme), ensure your employees know how and where they can access them.

If you have any questions, or would like bespoke advice about effective reboarding methods for your organisation, please contact our expert team.

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