How to Keep Your Employees Motivated in 2021


Happy new year!

Saying goodbye to 2020, one of the toughest years in living memory, surely has to count as a form of motivation in itself.

However, with Covid restrictions still in place for some time to come, the January blues may seem far bleaker than usual for many of your employees.

Still unable to connect properly in person, and with most day-to-day work still being carried out from home, it’s easy to feel that nothing has changed except the date.

Luckily, there are many simple and cost-effective strategies to help keep everybody motivated as we head into this brand-new year. Here are some examples.

Allow people to set their own goals

Communicating your strategy for the months ahead will motivate people, by giving them a clear purpose to work towards.

But when it comes to individual work targets, be open to suggestions, and as far as possible, allow people to set their own goals.

According to the CIPD, autonomy is “one of the most established influences on motivation… being empowered to shape one’s job makes it more meaningful and enjoyable.”

Stay connected

Now that Christmas celebrations are over, and working from home has become embedded in our ‘new normal’, regular communication can fall by the wayside – particularly if January is a busy month.

You can help your employees feel appreciated and part of the wider company team, simply by continuing the effort you made to keep in touch with them during 2020.

In other words, don’t neglect those coffee catch ups, individual check-ins, and motivational events.

2. Recognise a job well done

We have all seen plenty of advice about how to manage those who are struggling to keep on top of their work through the pandemic, but it’s equally important to acknowledge those who are performing well.

A telephone call, an email, or even a handwritten note of praise can go a long way towards helping people feel recognised and motivated.

If you’d like some more guidance about employee motivation, our expert team at Viridian HR is happy to help. Simply get in touch.

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