Do Employers Need a Menopause Policy?

It used to be an ‘embarrassing’ subject that nobody wanted to acknowledge.  Yet these days, it seems anybody who’s anybody is talking about menopause. Global celebrities, including Michelle Obama and…

How to Ease Workload Stress

After the huge, life-changing events of the past year, it’s no wonder that the world has experienced a marked increase in levels of stress and anxiety.  As employees begin their…

How to Bring Fun Back into Work

"Fun" is a word that has been sorely lacking over the past year, particularly in the final months of winter. And according to recent data from workplace consultants Peldon Rose, it's been getting to us. A third of the employees who participated in their survey admitted that their productivity had taken a nosedive since the pandemic began, with 48 per cent putting the blame on a lack of fun and motivation. This isn't surprising, perhaps, when opportunities to laugh and joke with our colleagues in person at the coffee machine, in meetings, or over a lively lunch, have dwindled to nothing. As lockdown rumbles into what we hope will be its final stage, here are some suggestions for you to bring a much-needed sense of fun back to your remote workforce.