How to Ease Workload Stress

After the huge, life-changing events of the past year, it’s no wonder that the world has experienced a marked increase in levels of stress and anxiety.  As employees begin their…

How to Bring Fun Back into Work

"Fun" is a word that has been sorely lacking over the past year, particularly in the final months of winter. And according to recent data from workplace consultants Peldon Rose, it's been getting to us. A third of the employees who participated in their survey admitted that their productivity had taken a nosedive since the pandemic began, with 48 per cent putting the blame on a lack of fun and motivation. This isn't surprising, perhaps, when opportunities to laugh and joke with our colleagues in person at the coffee machine, in meetings, or over a lively lunch, have dwindled to nothing. As lockdown rumbles into what we hope will be its final stage, here are some suggestions for you to bring a much-needed sense of fun back to your remote workforce.

How to Stop Your Staff from Burning Out in Lockdown

The third national UK lockdown may have officially begun on 5th January, but for many people, it will have felt much longer ago. As well as coping with the intense, stressful 'stop-start' environment we currently live in, we are also trying to keep ourselves and our families fed, watered, motivated, and in some cases, educated from the kitchen table. And as if all that wasn't bad enough, we've still got another long, dark month of winter in lockdown ahead. In times like these, it is vital that employers provide an effective programme of support. Here are three ways to help your staff avoid burnout in February.

How to Keep Your Employees Motivated in 2021

Happy new year! Saying goodbye to 2020, one of the toughest years in living memory, surely has to count as a form of motivation in itself. However, with Covid restrictions still in place for some time to come, the January blues may seem far bleaker than usual for many of your employees. Still unable to connect properly in person, and with most day-to-day work still being carried out from home, it's easy to feel that nothing has changed except the date. Luckily, there are many simple and cost-effective strategies to help keep everybody motivated as we head into this brand-new year. Here are some examples.

How to Organise a Virtual Office Christmas Party

If you're in charge of planning this year's Christmas event, it could feel like you've drawn the short straw. Not only has Covid-19 wreaked havoc over our plans to meet in person, but after months of staring at screens for work, rest and play, who really wants another round of Zoom drinks? But that doesn't mean you can't organise some virtual – and much needed – festive fun for your hard-working team. Here are some ideas to help you organise an online office Christmas party to remember.