How to Bring Fun Back into Work


“Fun” is a word that has been sorely lacking over the past year, particularly in the final months of winter.

And according to recent data from workplace consultants Peldon Rose, it’s been getting to us.

A third of the employees who participated in their survey admitted that their productivity had taken a nosedive since the pandemic began, with 48 per cent putting the blame on a lack of fun and motivation.

This isn’t surprising, perhaps, when opportunities to laugh and joke with our colleagues in person at the coffee machine, in meetings, or over a lively lunch, have dwindled to nothing.

As lockdown rumbles into what we hope will be its final stage, here are some suggestions for you to bring a much-needed sense of fun back to your remote workforce.

Organise a book club

Online workplace meet-ups are all well and good, but you need to stop the conversation from constantly reverting to work matters.

Starting a book club will provide an instant topic of lively conversation, plus a welcome excuse for everyone to take some quiet time out to read the latest book!

Hold fun photo challenges

Could you get your team members to share their own baby photos, for everyone to guess who’s who?

How about a challenge in which the cutest pet picture wins a prize?

A weekly image-based challenge will help those creative juices flow, as well as giving everyone something to look forward to.

Play online games

If your team-bonding events used to involve paintballing or outdoor pursuits, why not get everyone together for online games, instead?

Many escape room providers have switched to online experiences, while games like Minecraft can be played individually or as a team. You could even start your own tournament!

If you’d like to discuss productivity-boosting strategies for your organisation, or you have any questions, please contact our experienced team at Viridian HR.

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