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How to Recruit Effectively in a Pandemic

December 08, 2020

Has your organisation put recruitment on hold?

According to a recent CIPD report on embedding post-pandemic ways of working, 44% of the organisations surveyed are recruiting as usual. Meanwhile, 19% have either increased, or are planning to increase, their recruitment activity.

These figures point to the fact that, Covid or no Covid, postponing recruitment plans isn't an option for every organisation. For some, the pandemic may even have fuelled a need to replace and upscale their workforce.

Yet with severely limited social interaction, and with the vast majority of office-based staff now working from home, there are several barriers to effective recruitment.

For example, it could be many months before a new joiner is able to take a tour of your office, or meet the rest of the team in person. How can you ensure they feel like a valued part of your organisation, if right from their first day, they are working from home?

Here are some suggestions on how to adjust your recruitment process, so your organisation can attract, engage, and onboard the right people during the pandemic.

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How to Organise a Virtual Office Christmas Party

November 25, 2020

If you're in charge of planning this year's Christmas event, it could feel like you've drawn the short straw.

Not only has Covid-19 wreaked havoc over our plans to meet in person, but after months of staring at screens for work, rest and play, who really wants another round of Zoom drinks?

But that doesn't mean you can't organise some virtual – and much needed – festive fun for your hard-working team. Here are some ideas to help you organise an online office Christmas party to remember.

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How to Lead a Remote Workforce

November 10, 2020

If there's one word that could be used to describe 2020 so far, it's "uncertain."

The Covid-19 pandemic has wreaked immense, unprecedented change over how we live and work, and the way forwards is still unclear. To help manage the second wave of the virus, England has just entered a second lockdown; one that some news reports claim may last into 2021.

With swathes of people instructed to work from home until the foreseeable future, there is at least one reliable forecast: remote working is here to stay.

This means that, just as companies have adapted their business practices to the rise of technology, their leaders must now adapt to the rise of the remote workforce.

The route to home working

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) report that "before Covid-19, one in three of us worked from home at least one day a week."

This figure rose to 60% in July, with 46% - almost half the UK population – working from home on five days per week.

Prominent companies have announced long-term plans for remote working, including Lloyds Banking Group, who recently stated that staff will be working at home until spring 2021 at least. Meanwhile, Deloitte has decided not to renew the property leases on four of its key UK offices, giving over 500 staff the opportunity to work from home full time.

These reports support the recent CIPD finding that "employers expect the proportion of the workforce that works from home regularly to double (to 37%)" even after the crisis is over.

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Supporting Diversity in The Workplace

September 25, 2020

Issues like the Black Lives Matter movement have shed new light on diversity in recent months. However, it seems that many organisations still aren’t doing anything about it. According to a recent poll conducted by the networking group Black and HR, 77% of respondents said that their workplace has not addressed “what has been happening in the black community at the moment.”

As a result, some employees could be experiencing heightened emotions, or have questions about how their organisation encourages diversity and inclusion.

Here are some ways in which your organisation can demonstrate its support.

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