We’re Hiring!

HR Consultant – Part-Time 20hrs/week across 4 to 5 days – (45K FTE DOE) Location: Moslty remote with easy access to High Wycombe. The team is based in the Chilterns, Buckinghamshire. If you are customer focused, positive and a keen to learn individual, this is a fantastic opportunity for you to join our team. We’re a growing HR consultancy working with clients in France (circa 80%) and the UK (circa 20%), mainly in high growth and/or SME environments. We’re looking for a professional HR Consultant to support our clients primarily on employment law matters, HR documentation and generalist HR advice. Our team currently consists of a Principal Consultant and an HR Assistant. This new role is created to support client delivery work, account management and business development activities. Day-to-day, support is available from the team and from UK and French solicitors. The team usually works together to get the best results for clients.

How do people metrics drive your business forward?

People analytics, or metrics, is the analysis of people-data used to solve business problems. HR analytics uses data such as payroll and absence management, together with business information, e.g. operational performance data. These key performance indicators are being used in many organisations to help gain insight into an organisation’s workforce to, for example, improve recruitment and employee retention, get better-engaged employees and/or enable data driven decisions resulting in a more successful organisation. In a nutshell, metrics drive improvement and help organisations focus on what is important. Metrics should support and reflect strategy within the business and can help the company prioritise on what is important and formulate what success looks like.

Gender Pay Gap Reporting

There has been a lot of noise around the gender pay gap reporting recently with the closing deadline just gone. There has also been a lot of confusion around what it actually is. The gender pay gap isn’t indeed synonymous with equal pay. In a nutshell, the gender pay gap is the difference in the average earnings between all men and women in an organisation whilst equal pay is the difference in the actual earnings of men and women doing equal work.

Flexible working options

More and more, flexible working is proving itself to be a real benefit to employees. It’s also something that isn’t usually offered by businesses, especially at recruitment stage. Timewise recently surveyed job adverts and found that only 1 in 10 mention flexible working as being available to applicants. Once employees are in post, employers are also often concerned to give in to a request of flexible working as they fear a snowball effect among their workers.

Unpaid internships

There has recently been a resurgence of articles and news on the topic of unpaid internships. Whilst these can undeniably be a fantastic opportunity for young people, there are often misconceptions on what internships are and how prepared employers need to be to welcome these interns. There are two typical issues that arise when interns are taken on and that we will cover in turns.