A guide to “Médecine du Travail” in France

Occupational health is a global concept, concerned with the prevention and treatment of work-related injuries and illnesses. However, each country has its own individual occupational health-related guidelines and procedures to…

Compulsory Biennial Developmental Review in France

Held once every two years, the biennial developmental review, which covers vocational training, employment, and social democracy, has been compulsory in all French companies since March 5, 2014. Furthermore, a…

Entente Cordiale? Key HR Considerations When Setting Up Business Operations in France

When setting up operations in a country that isn't your own, there is a lot to organise, such as ensuring your business complies with international trading regulations, complex financial management, and practical aspects like finding the right premises. In this ready flow of practical tasks, is all too easy to forget that you will be working in a new culture, with new employment rules, and with new people, whose expectations differ – sometimes vastly – from those you are used to. With twenty valuable years of experience working closely with British and French companies, and the holder of qualifications in both employment disciplines, I am well-versed in the HR differences between the two countries, and how these translate into effective business operations. The official introduction of Brexit has seen a wealth of new enquiries about how to manage HR effectively in France. As there seems to be scarce guidance online, I have set out some key considerations below.