How HR Can Future-Proof Your Workforce

Did you know that 20th May is International HR Day? You could be forgiven for not knowing such a day even exists, let alone when it is.  Before the Covid-19…

Are You Re-Thinking Your Company’s Dress Code?

If not, you probably should be.  After two years of casual work-from-home wear (or the formal tops with tracksuit bottoms that create the ideal Zoom outfits!), employees are tired of…

How to Recruit for Hard-to-Fill Vacancies

The CIPD’s recent Labour Market Outlook survey has confirmed what many UK employers already knew: recruitment difficulties are on the increase. According to the survey, 47% of employers reported having…

Supporting Diversity in The Workplace

Issues like the Black Lives Matter movement have shed new light on diversity in recent months. However, it seems that many organisations still aren’t doing anything about it. According to a recent poll conducted by the networking group Black and HR, 77% of respondents said that their workplace has not addressed “what has been happening in the black community at the moment.” As a result, some employees could be experiencing heightened emotions, or have questions about how their organisation encourages diversity and inclusion. Here are some ways in which your organisation can demonstrate its support.