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We're Hiring!

March 04, 2021

Marketing Manager – Part-Time 16hrs/week across 3 to 5 days - £30-35K FTE - 12-month contract

Location: Fully remote. The team is based in the Chilterns, Buckinghamshire.

If you're a results-driven, positive and keen to learn individual, this is a fantastic opportunity for you to join our team. We're a growing HR consultancy working with clients in France and the UK. Our team of two consists of a Principal HR Consultant / Director and an HR/Marketing Assistant.

Reporting to the Director, this role is responsible for implementing marketing campaigns to generate leads, acquire new customers and retain existing customers.

As the Marketing Manager, you will be responsible for coordinating, planning and executing marketing campaigns across multiple media channels, with occasional face to face events. You will have some support from the HR/Marketing Assistant and an external Copywriter. You will establish a collaborative working relationship with the Director who will work with you on strategic goals and larger projects. You have a positive attitude and be fully committed to delivering outstanding quality, turnaround time and value in all our Marketing efforts. The ability to organise, plan and structure your workload will be absolutely key to your success.

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How to Recruit Effectively in a Pandemic

December 08, 2020

Has your organisation put recruitment on hold?

According to a recent CIPD report on embedding post-pandemic ways of working, 44% of the organisations surveyed are recruiting as usual. Meanwhile, 19% have either increased, or are planning to increase, their recruitment activity.

These figures point to the fact that, Covid or no Covid, postponing recruitment plans isn't an option for every organisation. For some, the pandemic may even have fuelled a need to replace and upscale their workforce.

Yet with severely limited social interaction, and with the vast majority of office-based staff now working from home, there are several barriers to effective recruitment.

For example, it could be many months before a new joiner is able to take a tour of your office, or meet the rest of the team in person. How can you ensure they feel like a valued part of your organisation, if right from their first day, they are working from home?

Here are some suggestions on how to adjust your recruitment process, so your organisation can attract, engage, and onboard the right people during the pandemic.

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We're Hiring!

May 09, 2019

Associate HR Consultant (part-time 16hrs, 3 days/week)

Location: Prestwood, Buckinghamshire HP16 with occasional travel to clients' sites.

We're a growing HR consultancy working with clients in France and the UK mainly in high growth and/or SME environments. We're looking for a professional Associate HR Consultant to support our clients primarily on employment law matters, HR documentation and generalist HR advice. Our team currently consists of a Principal Consultant and of another HR Consultant specialising in specific industries. This new role is created to support the Principal Consultant in both client delivery work and business development activities.

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Five steps to successful recruitment

March 14, 2017

With employment at an all-time high, companies are having to work harder than ever before to find and keep talented people. A structured approach to recruitment is fundamental to getting the right candidate in the right job at the right time.In a busy environment, however, managers are often so keen to get someone in post that they launch into the search without proper preparation.

Rushing into the hiring process often results in both time and money being wasted. Managers are flooded with inappropriate CVs, spend hours interviewing unsuitable candidates and can end up appointing someone who isn’t a good fit and leaves within a few months.

So what are the key steps you need to take to streamline your recruitment and make sure you end up with the best person for the job?

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