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At Viridian HR we provide bespoke HR services fit for your business’ objectives, culture and values. No two businesses are the same and we therefore do not believe in a one size fits all approach. With the right knowledge and expertise available from our consultants, together we can deliver on the following topics in a way that works best for you:

Employment Law / Employee Relations

When dealing with sensitive employee matters or when having employee issues, it is always best to make sure that you follow the necessary legal requirements.

If you’re experiencing issues with employee behaviour, absence or performance, we can assist with performance management, capability and disciplinary. We can provide support for any process that you may need to go through, from running an independent investigation during a grievance case, through supporting your managers in chairing formal meetings, all the way to a potential dismissal of staff and appeals.

When going through more complex scenarios around restructure, redundancies, necessary changes to contracts of employments or TUPE for example, we can assist to make sure that you have the relevant project plan to work to and the appropriate coaching of your managers together with any necessary documentation that you may need to issue. We can also take a more hands on and face to face approach with staff during individual or collective consultation meetings should this be required.

Policies and Procedures

Any organisation needs to follow a reasonable amount of policies and procedures when dealing with its employees. The number and complexity of these may vary based on the size of the organisation and the work environment that staff evolve in. With the law changing regularly and taking just a few seconds to think about all the changes around maternity, paternity and shared parental leave or flexible working in the last year alone, it is understandably taxing for businesses to keep track and create or update their documentation. Good news, we’re here to help and we can also tailor employee handbooks to be relevant and make sure that your contracts of employments cover you for what it important.

We are also strong believers of the value of informal meetings and processes so we can assist with those and make sure that they are compliant too and enable you to meet your business objectives.

HR Strategy

Your consultant will ensure that they understand your business, what your goals are and add to it their HR expertise in order to formulate possible solutions and HR strategies to you. They will focus on longer-term people issues, matching resources to future needs, concerns about organisational structure, culture, values and engagement. Some example of work could be to formulate the HR needs of your business together with a Roadmap breaking down actions to take to achieve the goal or the need to develop managers for the changes that will be happening in your business. Other examples could be to develop strategies to reduce employee turnover or absenteeism for example.

Engagement & Performance

Once you have the right talented employees in post, the main focus is to keep them. We can help by designing and analysing relevant employee surveys with you and looking at, for example, compensation and benefits.

We can also make sure that high levels of performance are sustained through the design of relevant annual reviews and the setting of objectives that drive your business forward.

Learning and Development

To help your employees and therefore your business perform to the best of its potential, training is sometimes required.

We have experience of designing and delivering training to a wide range of employees and skills on business skills, on the job training, and managerial development. Sessions are normally bite size, two to four hours in length to ensure maximum impact in a minimum amount of time. In small businesses particularly, losing a team member for days simply isn’t an option so we cater for this. We tend to run sessions in the format of workshops to embed the learning and make the sessions practical and relevant with the introduction of tools that can be used after the training.

We offer the same service as other training providers around evaluation with the added benefit of an additional report sharing the results with aggregated and anonymous feedback for each session. As with an internal HR professional, you can also rely on your consultant to also feedback anonymously any insights that may be relevant for the company to be aware of.


Whether you need the help of an internal recruiter or tailored managed services, we can help.

Through a partnership with a third party, we can offer tailored managed services from as little as £400 per job per month. This service covers the advertising costs and gives you access to a number of hours of a consultant’s time to use on the support you need.

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