Employment Law Update: April 2022

Here’s our round-up of employment law developments in April 2022.

Gender pay gap reporting (30th March/4th April)

The deadline for organisations to publish their gender pay gap figures is 30th March for public-sector employers, and 4th April for private and voluntary-sector employers.

Reports must be published on the company website, and via the gender pay gap reporting portal on GOV.UK.

National minimum wage increases (1st April)

The hourly minimum wage rate rises from:

  • £8.91 to £9.50 for workers aged 23 or over,
  • £8.36 to £9.18 for workers aged 21 or 22, and
  • £6.56 to £6.83 for workers aged 18 to 20.

Further information, including wage rise information for apprentices, can be found here.

Increases to statutory family-related pay and sick pay (3rd and 6th April)

On 3rd April, the weekly rates of statutory maternity, adoption, shared parental, and parental bereavement pay will rise from £151.97 to £156.66.

Statutory sick pay increases to £99.35 (from £96.35) on 6th April.

Time to review IR35 compliance (6th April)

The enforcement “grace period” for an organisation’s IR35 compliance regarding off-payroll working will no longer apply from 6th April, so a review is recommended to confirm any contractors’ employment status.

Find out more here.

Awareness of changes to right-to-work checks (6th April, deferred to 30th September)

Originally from 6th April, now deferred to 30th September, all UK employers must conduct an online right-to-work check for employees who hold Biometric Residence Permit cards, Biometric Residence Cards, and Frontier Worker Permits.

New limits on statutory redundancy pay (6th April)

If they have completed at least two years’ service, employees dismissed for redundancy must be paid an amount based on their weekly pay, length of service, and age.

The maximum weekly pay threshold increases from £544 to £571 from 6th April.

For further guidance regarding the above changes, please contact our experienced team at Viridian HR.




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